Your Personal IT Technician

We are your Tech Support. Technology envelopes our lives, everywhere we turn there's something new that we can do with it. There's no reason to be afraid of it, I guarantee you that anything you break, I can fix. Even better, when you hire us, I want you to know that you're hiring a friend that you can call any time day or night and we'll happily help you with anything. Think about that, you'll get my (Ken) cell phone number, you'll also get the technicians cell phone number that comes to your home. You are not only hiring a company, you're hiring a friend. My team can handle any problem you have, and best of all, if we don't know something we'll find a definitive answer and get back to you (instead of faking it or knowingly lie to you like our blue and yellow competition does). No one person knows it all, but, for you, all you need to do is call us and we'll get the right answer for you and resolve your problem. Simply call or text us, and forget about it. We will wholly take care of you. With our extensive expertise we have no need to pass the buck to another company. We will strongarm whoever we need to take care of your problem. We are your go between, that way you don't need to know the nitty gritty terminology of how everything works (unless you want us to divulge that information to you), we just want you to enjoy it. Leave everything else to us.

Our Personal IT Technician Services are NOT limited to:

- We are your Tech Support for anything. There's literally nothing we can't help you with. - 1 on 1 with one of our skilled technicians for... smartphone setup, email setup, software setup, printer setup, computer setup, iPhone account fix, account fix for any company, learn how to use your phone, your home entertainment system, pay your bills online... You name it. We'll take care of you. You're now in control. - Work with other utilities to help you enjoy your digital life. We regularly work with Comcast, Verizon DSL & FiOS, All Cell Carriers, Electricians, HVAC, Plumbers, Painters, Carpenters, and Other General Contractors.
- For Comcast Home customers, you never have to deal with them again when something breaks. We can take care of your troubleshooting, schedule appointments, oversee their work, pick up equipment for you, make repairs, and help you save money on your bill.
- Backup your pictures and other irreplaceable files and redundantly back them up on hard drive and/ or cloud storage.
- VHS to digital. Digitize your memories and safeguard them so they'll never be lost or ruined by a magnet.