Commercial Tec

Time is money. Envision a work environment that encourages employees to be more productive and save their time by having a conference room that operates with a push of a button: a system that anyone can pick up and use without any instruction. We can easily mirror your Mac, PC, or SmartPhone on a large projection screen or television. Spread the music from your desk speakers to across the office to inspire everyone's creativity, through a network of in-ceiling speakers. Imagine having the peace of mind to view your business, live or in the past, on any internet connected laptop or SmartPhone, or transform your waiting room into something that invites your clients to stay a while as they take their time to spend money. We are your complete audiovisual solution for your business, from video monitor advertising, to completely digitizing your business and protecting it. A sample of our clients include Raytheon, BAE Systems, Google Inc., University of California, C.B. Richard Ellis Group Inc., and the Embassy of Argentina in D.C. You can count on us to continue to give you excellent service after the sale as well.

Here's some of our business offerings:

- Waiting room or Sports Bar televisions with SmartTV, BluRay, and Cable TV.
- One touch conference rooms with projectors or televisions and in-ceiling audio.
- Multi-source, multi-zone whole office audio with in-ceiling speakers and volume control.
- Advertisement monitors giving you a fully customizable billboard for years.
- Surveillance cameras with remote viewing DVR's on any SmartPhone or internet connected computer.
- One touch, RF based remote to control a system wirelessly.
- Troubleshooting of any existing system you may have.
- Fleet Remote Start, Security, Keyless Entry, Navigation and GPS Tracking systems with PC and SmartPhone monitoring.
- Window Film installation for privacy, UV reduction, and energy efficiency.
- See our work here.