Smart Home

A Smart Home can be as simple as making a light turn on when you want automatically or making everything in your home smart. It's completely up to you as to what you want it to do. When most of us think of a smart home, we think it's expensive. It can be, but I like to approach the idea of a smart home differently than other integration companies. Most of us already have "smart" devices. But what does "smart" mean? Simply, it's an internet capable device. Like a thermostat or a smart speaker like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Most integration companies will want to sell you different devices than you already own because they are compatible with the system they prefer to sell, but why would you want to waste any of your money? I believe in putting everything to good use and not wasting money. So we take your existing devices, no matter what they are, and we'll build you a system so that everything works together, for you. Even if your existing devices aren't technically supported, I'll make them compatible by writing software code for them. I'm not afraid of hard work, after all, we're here to find a solution for you, no matter what it is. And have voice control over all of it or use an app from anywhere in the world. The more devices you have, the less integration you need, we'll only build your smart home based on the pace you want.

What can we make "Smart"?

- Smart Assistant Setup: Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit
- HVAC: Thermostats, Traditional Window Air Conditioners, Space Heaters and Vents.
- Lighting: Switches, Dimmers, Bulbs, LED Lighting, Outdoor Lighting.
- Locks: Door Knobs, Dead Bolts, Cabinet Doors, Night Stand Drawers.
- Garage Doors and Gates.
- Doorbells.
- Irrigation Systems and Valves.
- Electrical Outlets.
- Shades and Blinds.
- Smoke Detectors and Co2 Detectors.
- Cameras
- Window, Door, Light, Sound, Pitch, Temperature, Motion, Contact, Moisture, Prescense, and Humidity Sensors.