Computer Networking

One of the most frustrating things are a network that only half works. We've walked into plenty of homes and businesses where other companies have given up.  There's always an answer and I won't give up until I find it.  I love taking on these tasks because there's certainly no mystery to anything not working properly.  If the network doesn't work correctly, you will experience issues and frustration when trying to accomplish even the most simple of tasks. In the New England area, we have found a lot of electricians and home builders wiring Cat5e or Cat6 in homes themselves. The issue raised by this is that they don't know how to correctly terminate and test their wiring, and this causes intermittent signal drops, possibly resulting in your network not working at all. The second issue: poor network layout can cause a network to not function, or function for a short amount of time.  Short enough that they can get paid.  We can troubleshoot and fix any of these issues and we'll layout your modem, router, and wireless access points for optimum performance. We have over 15 years experience, not just with networking, but repairing computers as well.

Our Computer Networking Services are:

- Troubleshooting and repairing the wiring in your home network.
- Prewiring or retrofitting Cat5e for phone or Cat6 for data in your home or business.
- Deploying Modems, Routers, Wireless Access Points, and Switches to work in perfect harmony.
- WiFi Mesh Network Design and Installation.
- Surveillance DVR access for remote viewing from any laptop or supported smartphone.
- Long range WiFi deployment for home or business.